utorok 3. apríla 2018


I have a confession to make.
I hate all of the christian holidays and the make believe bullshit ideas behind it.
I love not going to work thanks to them though.
But I think we should have bank holidays dedicated to great men who made something real and substantial for mankind.
And I don´t mean giving it HOPE.
I would love to celebrate Nietzsche´s day for example, dedicated to questioning mind and fighting bullshit, or Einstein´s day dedicated to pure genius. Elon´s day would be nice too and there are so many of great people who would deserve eternal celebration rather than celebrating religious nonsense.
So when my neighbours went to sit in church, I dressed in my work outfit and went to use the holiday the creative way.

I started with transplanting the "Mother with twins" onto a rock.

Naturally, I had to dress nicer for the photoshoot :D

I made a pic of recently transplanted blackthorn too.

A lot of small jobs have been done over the weekend, and the biggest one today before going back to work. I collected some 30 years old wisteria from my parent´s garden. It is mother of all my wisteria airlayers, it has been planted by my great grandmother and she had it from a cutting from a church garden - at least something nice came from that place after all those years of listening to crap from a priest´s mouth.
It had very few roots because the main root went deep down under the concrete fence, but from experience I know that they root strongly (like mad) so I am not worried.

4 komentáre:

  1. Wisterka je super. Těším se na vývoj.

    Spring equinox is very important day for me as much as for our predecessors. Quite a number of accompanying phenomena of Easters( pomlázka, coloured eggs, freshly leafed branches...) are much older than Christianity as you know. It is good to have them. And if there are few days off? Great. Thanks God for that:)

  2. Ja tiež :)
    As to spring equinox - that is great, but dressed in christian habit it looses much of it´s splendour for me.

  3. RE: stone under juniper.
    The devil is in the detail. Angle grinder, time and determinded mind = nice bowl. It will surely suit the jun better than this cute Kasparek's grave. Sorry. I know I am a bit bitchy most of the time No harm though my friend, just my plain thinking.

  4. No way :D And I was thinking it is the best stone for this triple trunk EVER :D And I still do :P So it is gonna stay. You just cannot please everyone. And I like pleasing myself the most....ups too many confession per one month.....