piatok 1. marca 2019


2 years ago I decided that I would like to create one really large penjing with birches, and so in spring I went yamadori hunting and came home with some 8 birches, and these 3 were among them.

After 2 seasons of strong growth the time has come to order custom marble slab (or tray) for them.
Week later and it was brought home with the help of my dad, cause it was pretty heavy, measuring 115x80cm, 2cm wide.

Very next day I started to plan the landscape with the stones I collected from a forest creek near Smolník and I drilled 6mm wide holes for the wires.

After the landscape lines were created to my satisfaction, I used a special paint to make the stones surfaces and the spots where they were meant to be glued rough, otherwise the stones would come off after the next winter. Then the next day after the paint dried out, the time has come to glue the stones to the marble tray with the cement glue, that is usually used for gluing the tiles to the floors and walls of a buildings.

I left it to dry out for a day and the next day in the evening I removed birches from their training pots, trimmed some of the roots (minimal amount of them) and started positioning the trees onto the marble plate right after making the walls of IBUKI keto around the edges and filling the "islands" with pure zeolite, that I use for all of my trees.

I wired the trees to the marble plate and I decided to add one more little tree to the front - but since I haven´t drilled the holes there because I wanted to plant just some small grasses in there, the tree couldn´t be wired and I will have to drill the holes for it later - I am still considering wheter to leave the little tree there, as you should plant the large trees in front to create depth, but interestingly this little tree adds a nice feeling of depth to the piece anyway when seeing it live. I might just move it a bit to the right or left, so it is not in line with the tree at the back.

Applying Keto on top of zeolite (It makes zeolite to keep moisture longer when it is not exposed to the sun directly and the moss sticks to it better than to zeolite itself).

I applied the moss on the keto, watered it thoroughly and left it until 2 days later, when I found some time to make a proper photoshoot for the finished penjing.

štvrtok 21. februára 2019

New Penjing with buxus sempervirens gardendori

My new landscape with buxus sempervirens, collected from my parent´s garden 3 years ago. It grew there for some 20 years. I started to carve it last year and finished today. After carving I lifted it out of the training container and placed on a slab. No messing with the roots at all. I am not going to style the foliage any more as I want it to look like a wild burned tree with bursts of foliage here and there on mostly dead trunk.

piatok 1. februára 2019


I wanted to try something new for my next penjing so I decided to make some rock out of a building block and make a Water and land penjing with chinese elms planted on a main rock island.

I found an old Ytong building block in our shed and made a rough outline with a hammer and a chisel.

Then I carved the details with a Dremel rotary tool.

After that I "painted" it with frost resistant flexible cement glue intended for gluing these building blocks together.

Then I used water based paints (light brown, dark brown and black) and stained the rocks after glue dried. (Paints are general paints for metals, wood and concrete going by the brand Balacryl here in Slovakia).

I ordered 5 chinese elms and started with assembling them on the rock.

And here is how it looks like after completion.

utorok 11. decembra 2018


It´s been a while since my last post and I´ve been quite busy so here are few pics documenting what I´ve been up to recently :)

Last pics of my display before I started to move some ot the trees to their winter places.

Hornbeams after leaf cut

Railway and land penjing before and after leaf cut

Yamadori oak for sale  ... and after being sold getting ready for transport (didn´t realize I needed to be a carpenter too when going for this business)

Shohin field maple after leaves removal (I am really surprised how small the leaves got after regular pinching)

And today I finished new penjing that I have been preparing for a few days now - chinese elms on a marble slab - this time the edges are nice and smooth :)

So this is it - nice and busy ending of 2018 :)
Have a great holidays everyone and even better new year and I hope to see you around in 2019.
I love you all :)