utorok 18. septembra 2018


I love the colors on these berberises and I will be quite OK if they don´t sell too soon and I will be able to make ramified bonsais out of them.


And I will part ways with this blackthorn not too happily as well.
It has a trunk diameter of 9cm and grows like weed.
Blackthorns with such a thick trunks are extremely rare around here, according to local bonsaists there are none - and they wouldn´t believe me I had one - and that I probably misidentified the species :) But I found the way how to find one - and it is not that hard if you know what to look for.

pondelok 3. septembra 2018


I am very happy how these 3 tiny penjings for sale turned out so I am gonna share them here too :)


Nové malé krajinky

Som veľmi spokojný ako sa vydarili tieto 3 nové malinké krajinky na predaj a preto ich zdieľam aj tu :)

piatok 24. augusta 2018


Chinese cork bark elm and it´s airlayered bottom branch that had to be cut too early due to losing leaves - some roots formed but very little and now it is growing more and more of them in a bowl of water.

The other large tree that is gonna be one of my biggest treasures - 30 years old wisteria is doing great too, and I got primary branches where I wanted them. One more year and they should be thick enough.

I am very happy how my populus x canescens is evolving too.

I have to share my amazing grandma again, she spent most of the summer making jams and lot of other things to fill our storage room with goodies from our garden while feeding our hungry bellies along the way - everyday. There is no stopping her and her neverending care and good spirits are invaluable.

While the kids play

and sometimes even help grandma

But at the end there she is alone closing gates and another day of our lives.

And all she expects to get back is our happiness....

streda 22. augusta 2018


Ever since I started with bonsai landscapes and bonsai in general, I dreamt of doing it professionally one day. Who can imagine more fulfilling life than the one when you do the things you love for living? Fourth growing season later, after reading possibly every bonsai blog I came across back to back, and learning from every other available source like forums, books, videos and most importantly - my mistakes, the time has come to get on with it.
Because I am the kind of person who follows his dreams.
Just as a side bussiness to my regular work at the factory for starters, but it has begun!
I registered at the required offices, went through all the necessary paperworks and opened my own eshop dedicated to bonsai landscapes mostly, but as time goes by I will be offering all the things bonsai related.
NO MALLSAIS though - that is one of my first "Bussiness policy" rules.
This is gonna be new and interesting journey for me and I am very happy about it - and I am looking forward to more learning and creating as now I have another driving force to fuel my passion.
You are all invited to take a look here:

Mimo´s eshop

Any feedback is appreciated so do not hesitate to leave me a comment here :)
I will be shipping only nationwide first, but who knows, maybe try EU in coming years too.
We´ll see how it goes.
The good sign is that I´ve sold 3 landscapes shortly before going official, so there might be some demand for this kind of stuff out there after all.

P.S: I am also quite impulsive kind of a guy and all this migth be just a consequence of reading Charles Branson´s book called "Like a Virgin" very recently, but hey - when you don´t try, you´ll never find out what might happen.

pondelok 13. augusta 2018


I organized a workshop with Harry for 13-14th of october at my place - Mimo´s penjing heaven in Sady nad Torysou, Byster 121, 04441.
It is gonna cost 100 euro for 2 days and 50 euros for one day.
If you are interested to sign up, please contact me at mimokristof@gmail.com.
Up to 12 people may participate per day.

Workshop s Harrym Harringtonom

13-14. októbra v mojom penjingovom raji v Sady nad Torysou, Byster 121, 04441.
Cena je 100 eur za dva dni a 50 ak chcete dojsť len na jeden deň.
Ak máte záujem, kontaktujte ma na mimokristof@gmail.com.
Maximálne 12 ľudí sa môže zúčastniť na workshope počas každého dňa.

štvrtok 26. júla 2018

utorok 24. júla 2018


Wires were removed from juniper and it looks like it is holding my desired shape.

I also made few pics of my tiny penjing with chinese elm for commercial purposes.
I like how the atmosphere of this one is nicely backed by my new background that is just perfect with this scenery that is supposed to evoke feelings of desolation and loneliness.
Happy little thing :D

piatok 13. júla 2018


All right lads, lets get to my trees that are still alive and well.
And to my accidental psycho judgment and ideas.
I was walking around the trees with a scissors few days back and it occured to me that I should prune my wisteria airlayer, so I did and I pruned every branch just to 1 pair of leaves.
I wanted as much sunshine as possible to reach inner crown and maybe initiate some more budding or ramification at the cuts.
Never read anywhere that it is a good idea, just that you build ramification by cutting the flowers off after they fade away.
Anyways, right after that I got to my computer, browsed through new blog posts I am subscribed to, and what did I find?
Michael Hagedorn´s blog about wisterias and ramification - and that we are supposed to cut to 1 pair of leaves every season to get ramification.
This is some crazy coincidence :D And I am glad that it is a nice one and I didn´t do anything wrong again this time.
However, I must be really bad example for enthusiasts as I sometimes do what I think might be good without actually knowing for sure what might happen.

But at least my photography background has arrived and I was able to do a proper pic of my airlayer.
With a nice grey background as they use for pics of the trees often  in my favourite book by Qingquan Zhao.

štvrtok 12. júla 2018


This blog is supposed to follow my learning process in the art of bonsai.
And that includes my failures - and failures are inevitable, because nobody´s perfect.

Most of what I know about bonsai I learned from Harry Harrington´s books and web, bonsai4me.com
Many times over I have read what he has written: Pines should be developed slowly. If you styled a pine one year, never repot it next year.
So what I did anyway? I repotted it this spring after I styled it last year. Why?
Well, many answers apply.
I am an IDIOT. IGNORANT. Or the least offensive explanation I can think of is - It looked ok and I believed it will make it, cause I usually don´t lose trees. I think I know what I am doing. But the truth is - I don´t have that much experience as this is my 4th year in bonsai and I have very little experience with conifers from a longer time frame viewpoint - as can be seen this year when I lost one overpruned and overstyled spruce that I placed in full sun when it was opening new buds, or as is case here - styling and repotting in only 2 seasons.
So here you can have a look at my folly:

Above mentioned dead spruce:

And to finish it off - my long term pine project failed too - after it survived heavy first styling and was going good in spring, I shouldn´t have messed with it again. And so the result is here:

I hope I learned my lesson and will take much much greater care with my other 9 pines.

While we are at this grim topic, lets update the yamadori section here too.

Cottinus seem to be dead.

Lilac´s new shoots died off and survived just the very low ones - thus ruining this promising material bigtime.

Last year´s gardendori japanese maple got fungus

At least recently posted wisteria is doing great and a precious cork bark elm too.
Finger´s crossed.

utorok 3. júla 2018


Second growing season, going very strong.
That allowed me to do full defoliation and look at the branches.
Some were cut, some wires applied.
More branches might go later on.
There are too many and it is hard to decide which one to keep and which should go.
Any advices welcome :)

The plan