pondelok 19. marca 2018


It looks like it is gonna be a habit for me to take a week off from work in spring just for bonsai purposes. Last week was my 2nd holiday of this kind and half of it was used as intended, then the weather got worse. Much worse.
But I managed to do most of the work I planned, except collecting one old wisteria from parent´s garden.
It started there actually, I removed some 5 trees in various stages of development and planted them in my garden for a few more years.
But one birch that was planted there 3 years ago got it´s own slab and I improvised a quick landscape that will probably change a bit over time.
It was collected in my early bonsai days with the intention to copy Harry Harrington´s hawthorn raft, but it only grew one single branch, that became a new trunk over those 3 years.
I wanted to leave it in the garden but after ocassional pruning it started to look like there is some potential so I collected it and planted on a slab.

After collection

3 years later

on a slab

Another day I had my eyes on a very old lilac that grew in my grandparent´s (now mine) garden for over 50 years I guess.
It was planted just by the fence and the well so I couldn´t get to the roots on that side, so after over an hour and 2 t-shirts soaking wet it was time to call for help from my father and we pulled it out with his custom home made tractor.

back side

Day 3  - collecting in the old orchard that is full of hawthorns these days. I had one selected there and it was quite easy getting it out - compared to the old lilac.

And then the day came that I was looking forward to the most  since autumn, when my friend asked me if I wanted any of the trees from her garden that she is gonna get rid of to make a place for some tulips. I couldn´t believe that one of them was chinese cork bark elm - not a usual tree in slovakian garden. But her sister used to work in a supermarket and planted some of the mallsai they sell in the garden, and this one took off surprisingly well. I already collected one japanese maple from there last year, but this elm didn´t caught my eye. It was over 6 metres tall and looked like any other large tree in there. Anyway, my friend couldn´t wait till I go and collect it so she and her brother in law sew the upper part off in autumn already, therefore I don´t have any pic of the whole tree.
It didn´t have a tap root but rather very thick side roots and I needed to use a chainsaw to cut them.
Here are the pics after collection and after lowering the trunks next day.

after lowering the trunks

One more tree was to be collected in that garden, Cotinus coggygria was it´s name I was told.
I have only the pics after the collection, but ít was lowered as well the next day.

Wisteria was on schedule the next day, but it started to rain and 2 days later winter came back with full force.
Temperatures fell down to -15 at night and wind did quite a lot of damage in a nearby city.
But I believe my new acquisitions will be ok, they now reside under a piles of snow that protects them from freezing temperatures.
I cannot wait for this cold spell to be over and hopefully spring will finally come after this.

štvrtok 8. marca 2018


Hello everybody. As this is my first post this year, I should wish you all a very happy new year.
So I wish you all a very happy new year.
Even though it is march already.
Spring is coming so works on my trees and penjings started.
Here are pics of my Penjing number 5 after 2 years from creation - and after a haircut it got today.
2 more years and the trees should look pretty decent I think.
Tomorrow I will start collecting season, so you will see some more posts from me in coming days.


Penjing číslo 5

Keďže toto je môj prvý príspevok tohto roku, mal by som vám zaželať šťastný nový rok.
Tak vám všetkým želám šťastný nový rok.
Hoci je už marec.
Prichádza jar, takže práce na mojich stromčekoch začali - a to prestrihom tohto penjingu číslo 5 v štýle voda a zem.
Má dva roky a ešte ďalšie 2 a stromčeky by mohli po nich už vyzerať celkom solídne si myslím.
Zajtra začínam s výkopmi, takže budete odo mňa toho v najbližších dňoch vidieť viac.

štvrtok 14. decembra 2017


My video report from Bonsai exhibition that took place in Prešov, Slovakia recently.
Background music is Moonlight sonata by Ludvig Van Beethoven.

streda 29. novembra 2017


With hornbeam saplings.
Winter silhouette after 2 growing seasons.
Long roots coming from under the marble slab by now, I am thinking whether to repot next spring or wait another year...for example Harry Harrington didn´t repot his huge hawthorn in a tiny pot for 9 years to get fine ramification....


Penjing číslo 6 - s železnicou - Folkmarské skaly

Osadený mladými hrabmi.
Zimná silueta po dvoch rastových sezónach.
Zo spodu už rastú dlhé korene, no rozmýšľam či na jar presadím, či ešte počkám - napríklad Harry Harrington nepresadil svoj veľký hloh v malinkej miske 9 rokov kvôli jemnému vetveniu....

pondelok 27. novembra 2017


This one was created last year and is for sale.
The leaves turned orange this autumn and they look quite stunning live.


Berberisová krajinka na predaj

Táto bola vytvorená minulý rok a je stále na predaj.
Listy sa túto jeseň vyfarbili pekne na oranžovo a naživo vyzerajú úchvatne.

piatok 24. novembra 2017

nedeľa 19. novembra 2017


It is getting tougher for me to do some work around the trees since my twins were born, but I am still able to find some time now and then and do some styling.
So during the last 3 weekend days I managed to start working on my last unstyled juniper that I acquired last year.
Here are some pics:


first touches


As I haven´t had enough time to finish it properly, the foliage needs to be thinned out a bit and brought a bit closer to the trunk.

So here is the virtual of next steps

piatok 6. októbra 2017


My latest work.


Cleaning the unwanted and dead branches

Changing inclination

After styling and carving

With accent - me - special photo for my online bonsai buddy Vladimír :P

And behind the scenes of professional bonsai photography from Byster - my mom and grandma helping :D