štvrtok 6. júna 2019

Quick update

For everyone who doesn´t follow me on facebook or instagram yet :D

So what was going on for the last month?
This wisteria found a new home in Czech republic


Defoliation and styling

Kids are trying to get whatewer they are not allowed to touch

But generally being cute

Allright, enough for a while now, I am busy as hell these days.
I´ll write more for you later. :)
Take care.

pondelok 29. apríla 2019


Flowering started so here are few pics of over 30 years old mother tree grown from cutting my great grandmother took from church´s garden and was cared for by my father in his garden until I collected it last year. But before that I made some 4 airlayers and here is first of them too :)

pondelok 22. apríla 2019


Very busy month in my penjing heaven and though I think I shared everything on facebook, this blog was neglected bigtime. So here are few pics of what was going on.

All the trees are out on their spots

I got me an advert for my eshop on my car, built the new stand for the new birch  penjing

Made my wife to pose with newly collected beech

Went to my favourite place

and collected few pines including this giant with shallow rootball from my favourite place

Wired primary branches of this big chinese elm

Moved my triple trunk pine onto a slab after 3 years in a plastic crate (no more planting into crates for me - original rootball was too dense and water wasn´t able to penetrate it, so the substrate at the bottom and sides of the crate was nearly dry, as sun dried it easily from all sides)

And here are some pics of the new growth, some flowers etc...

Newly collected blacthorn without any roots rooted easily in a black bag

First flowers appeared on this blackthorn collected 2 years ago

Flowers on a berberis penjing

Hawthorn carved by Harry last autumn growing like weed

It seems that this acer palmatum dissectum collected recently from a friend´s garden didn´t even notice the collection and is growing strongly

And new big pine collected few days ago again with myself and Rea for size reference :)

streda 27. marca 2019


2 and a half years ago I got me 3 junipers. Since they grew happily in their new home in zeolite, I have been able to repot them all since then and style them as well, each of them twice.
Here are the Before and After (or to be precise Then and Now) pics of them tu sum up their journey.
Number 1 was planted in original pot by Ivet Mikešová and I am happy with it, number 2 and 3 need to wait for their final pots another while.

pondelok 25. marca 2019


First styling was done a year ago, but at the repotting time a while later I noticed, that this tree might look even better from a different angle. So I repotted it over the weekend and positioned it differently, and as I didn´t cut a single root, I was able to restyle it right away. What are your thoughts on the new front?

after first styling

and after second styling over the weekend