nedeľa 2. februára 2020


Another Itoigawa styled yesterday (number 5) and today I moved it into a pot with minimum root cuts.
It woudn´t look bad in a regular pot too, but I felt it would shine more in a shalow landscapy one as a penjing.
I might move the top of the main tree a bit more cause it looks a bit straight on the pics, but live in 3D it looks pretty good so I can´t get myself to do it as when I hold it in my hand and see it, I feel like I would just spoil it if I messed with it any more.
We´ll see how it looks when it fills a bit :)


nedeľa 24. novembra 2019


Tree collected 4 years ago, last 2 years partially defoliated twice during the growing season.
Ramification increasing nicely due to that, but it is necessary also to let the sun into the crown, cause those inner branches die off quite fast if you let the outer ones grow freely.
This is indeed already quite controversial tree and landscape - since I published it after creation, when I was doing bonsai just 1 year, I am getting so many advices as to what to do with it, although my vision is clear from the start and the tree is getting exactly where I want it to be. Not that I do not listen to advices, thanx to Vlad I finally did cut the branch that was looking pretty straight in the pics and I was thinking of it, but never did before.
But if I obeyed all the advices I got so far, I would be left probably just with the roots.
One wouldn´t advice me to create at all, because I do not know the alphabeth yet and I am already writing a novel. Other people would remove the back trunk, another the tallest right one, and another would leave just the base and make it a shohin. Maroš would put it into a bonsai pot :)
Well lads, love it or hate it, this is Mimo´s creation and Mimo likes it as it is and where it goes :)

utorok 5. novembra 2019

Penjing with Carpinus number 1

Not much of a growth this year due to a repotting to this marble slab, however - it is looking better and better every year.
At next repotting I will tilt it to the left a bit.
And since I started to move the trees to their winter spots, and taking some pics with them, I couldn´t resist to include my new Ibanez guitar in one, as that is what will be keeping my nervous fingers busy while the trees will be sleeping :)
I also wanted to have a pic with the 2 types of art made of trees - bonsai and the other art  made by Ibanez :)

streda 30. októbra 2019


I couldn´t resist buying another itoigawa with nice movement of the trunk.
So after I got it I styled it right away according to a virtual plan I made earlier.
I also moved it into a training pot with zeolite after i gently untangled the roots.
I didn´t cut any of them.
So here the pics of initial tree, plans and styling results.

nedeľa 13. októbra 2019


While I am doing some extensions on the house and working with Porfix building blocks, I have decided I will make me a Kimura style rock tower for some junipers to have some fun along the hard work.
2 weeks ago I glued 4 of them together with frost resistant flexible building block glue and yesterday I took out my new makita gear and got to it.
Afte I finished, I painted it all over with deep penetration liquid to prepare it to be coated in more flexible frost resistant (cement like) glue.
Now I have to figure out which paints to use for it to look more realistic than my previous effort.
Junipers are waiting in the garden and that will be the most fun part to style them and wire into positions on the rock tower.
I will try and look up some suitable pot for it and if I won´t find anything, I will try to make a concrete slab for it.

Before the works begun

It went through like if I was sawing the butter - but pretty soon all of the sharp points on the blade were gone - for this process I totally destroyed 2 blades - maybe because I didn´t have any specially for stone sawing and used the ones designated for wood and metal cutting.

After the rough silhouette was done

and after carving

Back side with the channels for the roots, so they can reach the pot in some time...