utorok 23. júna 2020


Some more works done on this juniper I acquired in 2016.
Considerable amount on top of the substrate was removed, exposing more of the lower trunk.
Crown was made much smaller - something I wanted to do long ago but never did.
And some more attempts at carving - to be honest, I am pretty happy how it turned out on top - but not that mad about the lower part. I will try and repair it later sometime.
And it will need a shallower pot!

pondelok 22. júna 2020

Wisteria Airlayer number 4

3 years after airlayering.
It spent 2 and a half year in the ground and was moved into it´s first bonsai pot this spring.
And some more flowers - models - Rea and Bea.

Triple trunk yamadori literati pine

Entering it´s fifth year as a bonsai in training.
Still a way to go.

nedeľa 21. júna 2020


Little semicascade styled few months ago was slip-potted into more appropriate pot.
I would still like to find even better one, taller and more narrow.
Best thing is that it is growing nicely and the green foliage goes well with the blue pot.

pondelok 1. júna 2020

Yamadori birch

Top of the trunk died off after collection on this yamadori pine from last year and only one bud appeared in the middle of it.
It grew strong for the first season and it started off very well this spring too.
That´s why I decided to give this tree an initial styling.
I am getting obvious responses on social media sites as - it need more taper, etc.. :)
I know.
But I see this tree in miniature as it could be in nature very well pictured too - dead trunk, young branch forming a new crown.
Yes, it needs taper. But tell it to this young branch. It wants to grow and it will, eventually thickening up a new trunk leader.
I might keep some sacrifice branch to help it with it.
Or I might not and will enjoy it as it is - just a young branch forming a new crown on a trunk, that was once massive and it still need some catching up to do.

Video of the process here:


štvrtok 23. apríla 2020


Hi everyone,

as I am being asked a lot of questions on Facebook in private messages and I don´t feel like replying to same question all over again on forums, I decided to start my bonsai YouTube channel with short and to the point instructional videos, my bonsai creations, styling etc.
If anyone´s interested - please subscribe :)

pondelok 20. apríla 2020

Black Scissors demo from home

Some pics of creating the rock from my Black Scissors demo from home and final result, that has been a bit polished afterwards and promised back side after applying keto and moss in channels for the roots.
More development of trees to follow of course 

sobota 11. apríla 2020


It took me 2 days with my handicapped hand.
But I did it :)


I had a little accident with this one :(
While carrying it out of it´s winter quarters with my dad I slipped and penjing landed on me while hitting the side of the little wall and braking into pieces, cutting my little finger, hitting my leg and face.
So I ended up having emergency surgery at the end of what was really a nice day.
Few branches broke off the trees, but nothing serious, now I only have to save for the new marble plate and start over.
Hand should be healed in some 2 weeks.

štvrtok 26. marca 2020

My yamadori 2020

Hi everyone, I would like to show you my 3 new Acer Campestre I collected in the bushes during my holiday last week.
I found them to be very easy trees and I see great future for these :)

pondelok 23. marca 2020