utorok 28. februára 2017


After a long and cold winter when only thing I could do with my trees was shoveling snow on them for insulation against freezeng weather, I was very happy when temperatures has risen to some 9°C over the weekend and I could start styling my 2 pines - I couldn´t wait for it as I was enjoying the book by Qingquan Zhao - Literati style penjing over the winter and working out how to do it right in my head.
Here are the results and you can decide for yourselves as to what extent I managed that.
I didn´t want to cut too much nor get rid of too many old needles as I was worried that it might weaken the tree so I am taking it bit by bit and this is really just first rough styling with a lot of room for improvement that will be done over the years.

Yamadori pine after collection from a concrete slab with a compact and extremelly shallow rootball in late spring 2016

Autumn 2016

After first styling 25.2.2017

Yamadori pine 3-trunk after collection with the same story as the one above

Before styling


And 2 of them together

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