štvrtok 29. júna 2017


I wrote about the pine that stands tall over the lake Ružín several times already cause it inspires me greatly, it was kind of model for my pine three trunk styled earlier this year and now I realized I have a great tree collected recently that will easily and more precisely imitate that great one.
The more I walk around the tree, the more I see the Ružin pine in it and I admire the beauty of it.
I was worried a bit about it because only the candles on smaller trunk elongated and produced nice needles, but a bit later larger trunk followed and it looks like new needles are extending on it too.
The tree has its share of beating by the elements, especially last night when strong wind during the storm blew a pot with ficus cuttings on top of it and eventually rocked the tree on its side. That followed twice more during the day in storms that came back so I had to move it to a different spot.
Luckily not a single branch was broken and due to apparently good job when wiring the root mass to the pot, it wasn´t knocked out of it.
I want this tree to be "styled" as naturally as possible while still following some of the basic bonsai rules that might enhance it´s look. Therefore there is not much work on it and it gives me great pleasure to look and care for this tree.

I spotted it last year and I knew immediatelly that I needed to come back there and collect it.
It is in the front of this pic on the right.

Another recent pic with ficus cutting asassins in blue pot over it

And now I remembered another instance of imminent damage to this beauty.
My grandma had a visitor, old friend of her and my late grandpa who came on his electric trike and parked it´s front wheel deep into the branches of the smaller trunk.
I nearly had a stroke.

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