utorok 12. septembra 2017


I have chosen the definite front for recently styled juniper.
It has better overall movement.
But since the tree was styled for the front that now became back of a tree, the crown will be edited a bit as time goes by and backbudding kicks in.

I am thinking about 2 pot styles for it, first would be to take it in chinese penjing direction following the styles of Wu Chengfa, Chen Chang and other penjing masters

or more common flower or round pot that is frequently used by another penjing master Qingquan Zhao too, and nearly always for japanese literati bonsai.

I like them both pretty much and can´t make up my mind.
But I have lot of time to think about this ahead so hopefully I will choose the one that will make me happy at the end. And if not I can try the other one after some time so this is not a real problem :D

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