nedeľa 10. septembra 2017


After a season of nice growth in a new plastic training pot I started working on this juniper on a friday morning. I considered this side as a front for a more like "bonsai" looking tree, or ...

the other one, but from this one I would see more of a "tree" bonsai, some informal upright of a sort in it.

I am very hesitant to do this kind of decisions, but in a few moments something starts me on and I cut and cut ... and then I am like - f..k, I shouldn´t have done that. :D
But once it is done it cannot be undone and I have to continue with the final decision.
So I went for the first idea.
After some cutting and making deadwood I had to go to work, but left early in the evening to continue working on a tree, casue once I start, I cannot think about anything else.
So some pics from late evening work:

There were 2 branches left with the foliage, the one for the main design was broken some time in the past and fixed itself and healed. And then it came to my hands. And I broke it again when I was messing with it and moving it around to see how I will position it. So I fixed it back with a glue, wrapped it in a tape and made sure it won´t be moving during the styling with few circles of a thick wire.

and then my girfriend rang the phone and asked if I am not gonna sleep tonight.
So I went to sleep, setting the alarm for early start on saturday morning, eventually waking up half an hour before it went on.
So back to work to our summer kitchen located across the yard.
I finished wiring the branches an moved them to the positions and when it was brighter and warmer outside, I came out with this:

Jins were a bit awkward but I kept them for the time being, no more cutting before I think about it for at least 24 hours is my new rule I want to go by.
What was bothering me was the long straight part and the only fix I could see because of it´s thickness would be carving it significantly to make it look more interesting at least.
So I turned the dremel on and went to give it a try.
I only carved 2 little trees so far with not a great results, but studied lot of pics on Harry Harrington´s Bonsai4me page since then, as well as other works by other artists and I tried to put in practice what I thought I got from it.

I made some hollows in the trunk and I will make more in the future, making the trunk more interesting I hope. But first I wanna make sure I see them lifelines where they are.
So after carving I used some wet ash and brushed it in the deadwood followed by applying the jin liquid just as Harry does it to not get the bright white colour on it as I don´t like it like that and consider it more natural when the shade is a bit darker.
And on sunday I did some more carving and sorted those jins out.
After the jin liquid dried in the afternoon I did a photo session and here are some resulting pics.
Please consider it "work in progress" cause much more carving will be done on the trunk in the future.

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